December 2021

Haluk Kayabaşı, CEO of Kibar Holding, stated that they were taking firm steps towards their aircraft seat production targets. Kayabaşı said that they will be one of the world’s top five manufacturers in 2023. Assan Hanil, a subsidiary of Kibar Holding, also manufactures aircraft seats at its plants. The holding company is constantly increasing its seat production and exports.


CEO Haluk Kayabaşı stated that they manufacture seats for many companies. Kayabaşı noted that they had an outstanding record in exports. Kayabaşı added, “We rolled up our sleeves with our R&D team in Turkey in 2010 and developed two aircraft seats after two years of work. Then, we contacted Turkish Airlines. Our products gained popularity, and we established a joint venture. We transferred all property rights to this new company and made applications in Europe, the USA, and Turkey. We completed all processes successfully, manufactured our first seats in 2014, and started to install them on the aircrafts of Turkish Airlines.”


Underlining that all their seats are modern and of high quality, Kayabaşı said, “We also produce seats for Boeing 787 and 737 Max. We manufacture all the parts in Turkey. We ship them to Seattle for assembly. We also install seats on the aircrafts produced by Boeing for Turkish Airlines. We carry out production activities in Turkey and Seattle. As Airbus is close, we export directly from Turkey. The products we supply for Airbus A320, A330, and A350 featured in the catalog. Both Boeing and Airbus recommend us to their contracted airline companies. We negotiate with those companies and try to sell our products.


“Our goal is to become one of the world’s top five aircraft seat manufacturers in 2023. This challenging market is worth $4.2 billion. We are taking every step necessary to outperform industry-leading seating giants and fight for leadership. We aim to increase our production capacity to 100,000 seats by the end of 2023. If we rise into the top 5, we will be able to increase our capacity further. As the demand is high, we can reschedule our investments for an earlier time.” Kayabaşı noted that their negotiations with Asian countries are ongoing. He said, “80 percent of each seat we produce consists of domestic parts.”


Kayabaşı added, “Design has a visual and a technical aspect. We collaborate with design experts from Italy for Business Class. We finalize these designs with our own R&D team. In this process, we make sure that the ideas of the airline companies to which we will sell products are incorporated into the design as well. I still remember when we first entered this market. I would check the seats as soon as I boarded a plane. After the first installation, I travelled to Ankara and came across our own seats on the plane. I asked the cabin attendant to take a picture of me. One of the passengers behind me said, ‘I guess he is flying for the first time.’ That’s how interested I am and how I document my findings with pictures. I point out our mistakes and shortcomings directly. I also ask the employees of our subsidiaries to do the same when traveling. I especially value the ideas of young people.”


Kayabaşı said, “We are Turkey’s largest and Europe’s fifth largest aluminum producer. We produce 300,000 tonnes of aluminum every year and export 80 percent of it. We supply aluminum products in major markets such as Western Europe and the USA. However, no investment has been made in Turkey to produce the special aluminum alloys that we use in our seats. Unfortunately, special alloys used in the industries of aerospace and defense are imported. Our group is preparing to invest in this field. The R&D Department of Assan Alüminyum is perhaps one of the best R&D departments in Europe. We have our own proprietary alloys, and several critical alloys are under development.”

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