December 2021

Kibar Holding, which ranked among the top 15 companies in the CSR Survey of Capital Magazine and was granted the Special Jury Award by the Private Sector Volunteers Association, has been touching the society in the fields of education and children since 2018. The holding company also carries out activities for the environment and street animals.

Haluk Kayabaşı, CEO of Kibar Holding, said, “We are happy to see that we have achieved our goal of ensuring the sustainability of our CSR activities. We will continue to focus on education and children. We will also carry out the activities we determined in other fields.”

Kibar Holding has always been mindful of social issues throughout its history of 50 years. The holding company set up “Kibar Volunteers” at the end of 2018 in order to involve its employees in its social responsibility activities. Kibar Volunteers have chosen to focus on education and children. Haluk Kayabaşı, CEO of Kibar Holding, stated that as a Kibar Volunteer, he believed that it was a good choice. He said, “We strive to prepare children for the future in the best way possible, contribute to equality of opportunity in education, and help children keep up with the times. It is because we are aware that it is highly important to make a difference in the life of even a single child when shaping the future.” Kayabaşı said that they identified the strategic priorities of the holding company and subsidiaries every year. All processes are carried out digitally to ensure the sustainability of volunteering activities. Kayabaşı stated that their main priority in their corporate social responsibility activities is to provide benefits in the areas on which they focus.


Kayabaşı described the projects that they have so far implemented with nearly 700 Kibar Volunteers as follows: “We have so far touched the lives of more than 6,000 children with our volunteering projects. As Kibar Volunteers, we have organized more than 40 events and performed over 1800 hours of volunteer work. We have provided children with new perspectives and increased their awareness through projects for the improvement of the physical environment of especially disadvantaged schools, the building of Design-Skills and Chess and Brain-Training Games workshops to support child development, and the organization of career days and trips. With our volunteers, we reached students at schools in Izmit, Tuzla, and Susurluk. Last month, we broke new ground in Susurluk, Balikesir, by opening the Chess and Brain-Training Games Workshop at Şehit Nusret Kula Primary School, which has 182 students. We also broke new ground last year at Tuzla Mimar Sinan Primary School by making the school the first public school with 3 activity classrooms on the Asian Side of Istanbul. We aim to support different regions next year.


“We have proven our determination in this regard by continuing our volunteering activities despite the conditions created by the pandemic. Our volunteers started an online volunteering movement during the pandemic. In this process, we organized online events with an NGO every month and held online vocational training seminars for children. We implemented a project for living creatures that were affected by the wildfires that deeply saddened the whole country in August. The steps of Kibar Group employees and their families were turned into donations through the Help Steps App. Nearly 60 million steps have been donated to HAÇİKO as part of the project. “

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