December 2021

Kibar Volunteers, which operates within Kibar Holding, one of Turkey’s leading industrial enterprises, and is one of Turkey’s most comprehensive corporate volunteer projects, breaks new ground and adds value to the future with the projects it implements in different regions for education and children. As one of Turkey’s leading industrial enterprises, Kibar Holding is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary and contributes to the national economy by offering employment opportunities, creating added value, and exporting to all over the world. Kibar Holding supports not only economic but also social development with its social responsibility projects.

Kibar Holding implemented the Kibar Volunteers Project 3 years ago in order to ensure the sustainability of the contribution it has made to the society since its establishment. Stating that Kibar Volunteers is one of Turkey’s most comprehensive corporate volunteer projects, Haluk Kayabaşı, CEO of Kibar Holding, stated “We set up Kibar Volunteers with great enthusiasm and established a pluralistic and participatory organization. With our volunteers, we will remain mindful of the society, which is one of the main characteristics of Kibar Holding, inherited from Mr. Asım Kibar, our Founder and Honorary President.”

Noting that Kibar Volunteers aim to ensure the sustainability of social responsibility projects, especially those for education and children, Kayabaşı added, “With nearly 700 Kibar Volunteers, who keep our founding principles and values alive, we lay the foundation for a more egalitarian and brighter future for our children, who are the guarantors of the future. As Kibar Volunteers, we have organized more than 40 events and performed over 1800 hours of volunteer work. We have provided children with new perspectives and increased their awareness through projects for the improvement of the physical environment of especially disadvantaged schools in the region, the building of Design-Skills and Chess and Brain-Training Games workshops to support child development, and the organization of career days and trips. "

Stating that they aimed to make a difference in the lives of a higher number of children, Kayabaşı made the following statements regarding their recent work and targets: “We believe that education is the first requirement for the development of a society. Thus, we aim to contribute to the increase in the number of modern primary schools and maximize the sociocultural awareness of students studying at these schools. With our volunteers, we reached students at schools in Izmit, Tuzla, and Susurluk. Last month, we broke new ground in Susurluk, Balikesir, by opening the Chess and Brain-Training Games Workshop at Şehit Nusret Kula Primary School, which has 182 students. They also broke new ground last year at Tuzla Mimar Sinan Primary School by making the school the first public school with 3 activity classrooms. We aim to support different regions next year.”

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