“We will continue to grow in 2022”

December 2021

Kibar Holding aims to continue its investments next year. Ali Kibar, Chairman of Kibar Holding, stated “We will continue to create value for our country and grow by preserving the world’s natural resources in 2022, which marks the 50th anniversary of our establishment.”

Growing together with its subsidiaries, Kibar Holding will continue to focus on exports and make investments in the industries in which it operates in 2022. In particular, it will continue to take steps in line with its Sustainability Strategy.

How has 2021 been for you? In which fields of activity did you grow?

We got off to a flying start in 2021. We implemented our plans and became one of Turkey’s top five exporters. This year, we invested in the production of value-added products and digitalization without losing sight of our export targets. Our subsidiaries, which are growing in line with our sustainability projects, implemented many innovative projects.

What are the goals of your subsidiaries?

Assan Alüminyum, which was one of the top 3 producers in Europe, raised the bar this year and became one of the top 2 producers in Europe. We aim to become stronger in the USA with Kibar Americas, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Assan Alüminyum. We will make an investment of $100 million dollars in Assan Alüminyum in 2022. With ASD, Assan Hanil became one of the five tech companies in the world to develop air-suspension driver and passenger seats. We will invest €40 million in ASD in the medium term and build or purchase a production facility in Europe. Assan Panel has formed a strategic partnership with Sumgayit Technologies Park (STP), the most important technology and industrial center in Azerbaijan. This partnership will provide an advantage in exports in the Caucasus and Russian markets. Ispak Ambalaj is one of the main actors in Europe with its plant and R&D center designed in line with Industry 4.0 predictions.

What are your expectations for 2022? What will the Holding Company focus on?

As Kibar Holding, we completed our preparations in line with our investment and growth plans before welcoming 2022, as always. We will continue to create value for our country and grow by preserving the world’s natural resources in 2022, which marks the 50th anniversary of our establishment. In 2022, we will increase the number of our investments in digitalization in the industries where we operate. In 2021, we continued to implement innovative projects that would accelerate our digital transformation. We will see the results of this process and implement new projects in 2022. We will continue to take steps that will show our commitment to the Kibar Group 2025 Sustainability Strategy.

40 Targets for 2025 with the Kibar Holding Sustainability Strategy

As Kibar Group, we broke new ground in Turkey and set the deadline for our sustainability targets as 2025. We developed our 2025 Sustainability Strategy with a pluralistic and participatory approach by setting 40 targets as a result of our analysis of the contribution made and to be made by Kibar Group to the goals that the United Nations aims to achieve by 2030. The following targets stand out among these sustainability targets: achieving economic growth in line with sustainability principles, prioritizing gender equality, increasing professional development and participation, completing digitalization processes, ensuring the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, contributing to the efforts to combat climate change, and increasing the efforts within the scope of social responsibility projects.

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