February 2022

Kibar Group, one of the leading industrial enterprises of Turkey, has published the "WE are Equal: Gender Equality Guide" as part of its activities for the full and equal participation of men and women in life. CEO Haluk Kayabaşı stated "As Kibar Group, we believe in equality in all aspects of life and so, we take responsibility for the participation of women and men in economic and social life and carry out our activities by saying ‘WE are Equal’" at full speed.

Kibar Group attaches importance to the principles of gender equality and supports equal representation for both women and men in work life. It has already taken steps in this direction and published its gender equality guide “WE are Equal”. As a signatory of UN Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), Kibar Holding has shared the guide with all its employees. The objective of the guide is to create a corporate language that is mindful to gender equality. Following the publication of the aforementioned gender equality guide, several actions are going to be taken to ensure the use of a non-sexist corporate language and equal distribution of roles along with carrying out projects and trainings that would set an example for the public.

“WE are Equal”

The CEO of Kibar Holding, Haluk Kayabaşı states that they are creating projects that promote equal and fair participation of women and men in work life and decision-making processes. “We have merged our core principles with current global requirements, and now we integrate those principles into our business processes. We have managed to increase the representation of women in our senior posts by 24.9 % in the last five years. This achievement sets an example for other groups that work in the industry,” he adds.

Kayabaşı underlines that they aim to increase the ratio of women in senior positions by 30% to reach an optimum level of participation by 2025. “Our family of 5 thousand members is our biggest asset. We are starting a collective process with this family to enlarge the scope of our responsibility. ‘WE are Equal’ is our motto. In the light of our core principles, which made us who we are now, we are going to enrich our corporate culture based on fair and equal opportunities for all, and we will, thus, contribute to gender equality. I am very much excited about all the projects we have carried out with WE are Equal,” he concludes.

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