Sustainability in Kibar Group

The foundation of Kibar Holding's sustainability approach is based on founder and honorary president Asım Kibar's principles of honesty and reliability that the Group defines as its core values. Kibar Group's business culture is based on its deep-rooted corporate governance tradition, innovative approach, business ethics, social responsibility culture and the sustainability approach shaped in line with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

Adopting the Global Compact, Kibar Group offers its employees a fair and equal work environment, where human rights are protected, occupational health and safety is given priority, professional development is supported.

In Kibar Group, human rights are guaranteed in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Global Compact and the provisions promulgated by national and international legislation. All kinds of discrimination, child labor, forced and compulsory labor practices are prevented. Group companies expect suppliers and business partners to meet similar working norms, follow their practices in this area and contribute to the realization of conditions.

In Kibar Holding, environmental issues are managed in accordance with national and international standards. The majority of Kibar Group companies have ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification. All of the companies have specialized units in the field of environmental management and work is carried out to increase the environmental awareness of the employees.

In all of its operations, Kibar Group companies are obliged to comply with the principles of the Global Compact, which are based on the development of global and sustainable social responsibility awareness in the business world and the policies and strategies determined by Kibar Holding in line with these principles.