50th year

Pride, happiness, delight, honor… I cannot describe my feelings as we are leaving half a century behind. It was exactly 50 years ago that we laid the foundations of our corporation in Karaköy, and since then we have never ceased to trust one another. Whatever the circumstances, we have always maintained our integrity. Together with our colleagues who are committed to creating value, we have reached far beyond our dreams and managed to be one of the biggest industrial corporations of the country. We have never feared the crises we have encountered. Each challenging period was, to us, an opportunity to come up with new solutions and gain new experiences. We got over all the difficulties by undertaking responsibility, putting our hearts into our cause, and using our mind accordingly. Our deep-rooted history has been our guide, and thus, we have continued to grow our business through new investments.

The distinguished managers and valuable employees of Kibar Holding and Kibar Group represent our company all over the world and contribute to our reputation admirably. Our business partners are our most valuable supporters as we continue to work to this end. I firmly believe that we will work and produce more in the future without compromising on the principles that made us THE WAY WE ARE today. We will, thus, continue to add value to the world economy and humanity. We are as excited as we were on our first day, and yet we know we still have a long way to go. Our never-ending excitement and the know-how we have accumulated so far will guide us.

I am very pleased to observe that we still have the same excitement and passion as we did fifty years ago. It makes me even happier to see that we are expanding the horizons of our dreams with our growing family. On this occasion, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the representatives of the public and private institutions, our business partners and customers who have been there for us since our establishment as well as our employees, primarily the Board of Executives at Kibar Holding who are the real builders of our success.

We are more hopeful than ever, and I believe and feel that all these hopes for the future will result in success.

Many happy returns, altogether!

Kind regards,

Asım Kibar

Founding and Honorary President

Kibar Holding