BİZ at Kibar Success

BİZ at Kibar Success

We at Kibar Group Asım Kibar Mavi Damla Awards,

At Kibar Group, we believe that the two most important elements that have carried us to today are our fundamental values and management philosophy. Our fundamental values are being honest and trustworthy, our management philosophy is to adopt the continuous development culture. The resource that we trust the most and will make a difference is our colleagues in order to take competitive advantage by quickly accommodating ourselves with the ever-changing competitive environment. In this respect, we attach importance to creating environments in which our colleagues can actualize their creative and innovative ideas. Based on this point of view, the Asım Kibar Mavi Damla Awards were realized with the motto, “Each successful project starts with a drop of idea and creates a ripple effect.” At Kibar Group, we aim to carry our Group to its strategic goals, recognize and award competency-based success with Asım Kibar Mavi Damla Awards.

In addition, we aim to increase our employees’ loyalty, motivation, and efficiency by conceiving good practices.

WE in Appreciation & Recognition Applications,

With BİZPlus Appreciation&Recognition program, we ensure our managers are appreciated, recognized, and awarded for all kinds of success and performance that make a difference and add value to their teams, and we aim to make this point of view more widespread.


Throughout Kibar Group, a cultural transformation took place and a transition was made from the traditional performance understanding to the OKR-based continuous performance system. With this transition, it was aimed to make a leaner, more focused, transparent, and more agile performance culture that encourages high performance more common in the Group.
With our OKR application tool BİZsmart, the performance process is carried out based on much more agile and active communications, thanks to the instant feedback, interim-period processes, evaluations, and one-on-one meetings held throughout the year independent of periods. We continue activities to strengthen this cultural transformation and to consolidate and spread the high performance culture together with performance ambassadors and OKR coaches throughout the Group.