BİZ at Kibar Future

BİZ at Kibar Future

Our most important value is our employees, who will carry our group to the future. The thing that makes us strong and gain more strength is the trust that we put in ourselves. The thing that enables us to shape the future is our innovative perspective.

WE in Kibar Group HR Management System,

The Human Resources Management Systems at Kibar Group is managed on a software operating cloud-based environment called “Maestro” by being integrated each other.

Thanks to the application with which our employees can be the maestro of their own career, all processes from onboarding to in-house opportunities, from management of goals to competency assessment, from development planning to training tracking and distance learning.

With the regular meetings we hold with our Human Resources teams in our Holding and all Group companies, which we call “Achieving Together”, we make our common applications more widespread and determine our projects for the next year thanks to our yearly strategy workshop. In addition, we attend development programs that we regularly carry out with our internal and external trainers in order to sustain our culture of learning together and working together. As the “Achieving Together” team, we were entitled to an award under the BOC HR Team of the Year category in 2019.

WE in Talent Acquisition,

We aim to add value to our business by onboarding highly efficient and happy employees and by supporting the business continuity and growth.

In our onboarding process during which we aim to match the correct candidate with the suitable position, we invite candidates to pre-interviews by evaluating the applications that we receive from our Group’s database and various career portals for open positions.

In the candidate assessment and employment process,

  • We benefit from procedures such as personality inventory application that differs according to the position, general aptitude test, English proficiency test, and assessment center applications after our interviews where we utilize competency-based interview techniques.
  • We sensitively handle equal opportunity and protection of personal data processes among the candidates in all our interviews.
  • The competency set that we determine according to the positions is our basic conduct indicator that we expect from our employees and candidates.

We attach importance to bringing in young talents into our Group and training competent workforce to the sector.

The K-Team Young Talent Program has been in application since 2014 in this respect.

In the path that we have taken with the motto “True Career Begins With True Internship”, we provide a real job experience to senior university students for 1 year. While aiming to train qualified workforce for our Group and the sector with the program, we also attach importance to personal and career development of our young talents.

In addition to being a vast communication network, our K-Team Young Talent Program participants also:

  • Receive training on business life and career mentorship,
  • Receive training that will enable them to have collaboration mentality and to be a good team player who expresses themselves well, and participate in activities where they meet leaders,
  • Participate in projects that are sponsored by our General Managers, and introduce themselves by delivering presentations to the upper management,
  • Are assessed as the priority candidates for career opportunities at Kibar Group,
  • Join our group as an “Assistant Specialist” when they graduate from the university and start working as a “Specialist” when they graduate from K-Team Young Talent Program,
  • Benefit from Subsidiary Health Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

With our K-Team Young Talent Program, we were entitled to the following awards:

  • HR Brilliance Awards under “Brilliance in Recruitment and Retention” category in 2019,
  • Stevie International Business Awards, which is one of the most prestigious award organizations in the world, under “Best Youth Employment Strategy” category in 2019,
  • Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards, under “Best Unique or Innovative Talent Acquisition Program” in 2020.


Senior vocational school students take the first steps in their career with the “K-Start Young Talent On-Site Program” in Kibar Group companies before they graduate. With training sessions that contribute to their technical and personal development, our friends who gain experience on a real work site for 6 months, are prioritized during employment process upon completing the program.

With our program, which benefits both our Group and young talents, we aim to train competent workforce to the sector as well.

WE in Talent Management,

By determining our friends’ potentials for the future with talent management, we aim to train and keep them for upper positions with development planning in accordance with their competencies.

In order to reach this goal, we support these processes with backup planning and by creating candidate pools. We strive to determine our friends’ strong aspects and points where they need improvement, to increase their awareness, and to prepare development planning in accordance with the above-mentioned plans. With the goal of making our talents’ development sustainable and continuous, we put this process into practice by planning the internal development, coaching, and mentorship process.

We commenced our Game Changers program as a Talent Management program in 2019 and we have been keeping our program sustainable since then. With a long-lasting program consisting of training and workshops under different titles depending on the need, we focus on our participants’ development after a selection process intended for our employees at specialist and supervisor/manager positions, on a yearly basis.

With Game Changers, which is our Talent Management program,

  • we were entitled to Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards, under “Best Unique or Innovative Talent Acquisition Program” in 2021.

WE in Internal Career Opportunities,

With our “Our Future Within” program, we support our friends’ rotation between companies and departments and pave the way for their different career paths by using the advantages of being a Group consisting of many companies.

We utilize our internal resources by announcing our manager and lower position needs within the Group. Our employees can continue their career in different departments and companies within the Group as we prioritize our relevant or interested employees for these positions.

Thanks to our employee suggestion system program, “WE the One”, we encourage our employees working in our Group to suggest candidates for the ads announced in our Group.

WE in Development,

WE Have the Power 2.0 Development Programs

“WE Have the Power 2.0 Development Programs” give place to internal training that supports learning from one another at every level, development programs that support competency and technical development, coaching and mentorship processes intended for leadership development, distance learning tools for all employees, development center applications that will enable our employees to be aware of their strong aspects and points where they need improvement.

Within the scope of “WE Have the Power 2.0 Development Programs”, we provide development opportunities with team-based WE Have the Power 2.0 Faculties, which are long-lasing in technical-competency subjects based on need, and which are designed in a modular way, while enabling our employees’ competency development.

Within the scope of “WE Have the Power 2.0 Development Programs”, we support development with Leadership Development Program for our employees at director and higher positions, Managerial Development Program that we specially design based on the need of our employees at supervisor/manager positions every year, Specialist Development Program that we design in parallel with our competencies for our employees at specialist positions, and Development Ambassadors for our internal trainers and volunteering mentors.

WE Have the Power Development Center

Thanks to the learning from each other culture and continuous learning principle that our Group has, we support our colleagues’ career developments and competencies. We have many innovative applications and training/development programs in this respect. We conduct all training programs, workshops, and studies at WE

Have the Power Development Center that we established at our Tuzla facilities.

WE Have the Power Development Platform

WE Have the Power 2.0 is an online learning platform, on which we provide development sources such as distance training, reading materials, videos, which we use to support continuous learning, which provides reporting support, and which our employees can access.