Kibar Volunteers

Kibar Volunteers Project was prepared with regards to the implementation of the social responsibility activities for the employees of Kibar Holding and the Group Companies on a voluntary basis. Kibar Volunteers Project was implemented following the survey conducted within the body of Kibar Group. The Project is designed in such a way that it enables the involvement of the employees in volunteering activities and the project is comprehensive and flexible at the same time.

“Kibar Volunteers,” which brings all volunteering activities within the body of Kibar Holding and the Group Companies together under one roof, aim to contribute more to the benefit of society. The only requirement to become a Kibar Volunteer is to be an employee of Kibar Holding or the Group Companies and apply for membership. You need to complete the application form through web page. After the applications are evaluated, the Kibar Group employees, who have received the assigned pieces of training, perform volunteering activities as “Kibar Volunteers.”

While Kibar Volunteers determine the NGOs that will be in cooperation, they prioritize the NGOs in "Açık Açık" platform.

Activities of Kibar Volunteers

Kibar Volunteers take part in;

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Projects specially designed for Kibar Volunteers,
  • Company’s CSR Projects,
  • Volunteer Projects,
  • NGO (Non-governmental Organizations) Projects as volunteers,
  • Skill-based Volunteering activities,
  • In-company Volunteering projects.

For details and application, please visit