Message from the Founder and Honorary President

Message from Our Founder and Honorary President

The foundations of Kibar Holding were laid in Aslan Han in Karaköy exactly 48 years ago. With my colleagues—in other words, my family—who had the same dreams as I did, loved to work and produce, and continued to do the right thing no matter what happens, we walked the path in which we believed, with determination and faith. The solid foundations we laid back then, the trust we built, and our diligence lie behind the current success of our journey. We have grown and developed by dreaming of the best and the newest all the time without compromising the principles of reliability, honesty, and diligence, which are our guiding light today as values that define us.

We have built world-class production facilities in different cities by giving what we have earned in this country back to the country through investments and creating new jobs. We have developed commercial relations in almost every country. We took firm steps to become a global brand born in this country by manufacturing quality products that can compete with and even beat the world’s giants.

Being active for 48 years is easier said than done. Both our world and our country have had difficult times during this period: wars, political conflicts, economic uncertainties, global and national crises, natural disasters, and lastly, the pandemic that deeply affects the whole world. We have overcome these difficult times with our family, which has 5000 members today, each of whom is like my child and is our greatest wealth, by taking strength from each other and never giving up producing and working for our country. Our country has emerged stronger from all the crises and challenging times. We will make the necessary sacrifices by understanding our responsibilities during this crisis and overcome it in the spirit of unity and solidarity by protecting our health. I sincerely believe that.

In the future, we will strive to manufacture products as one of the leading industrial enterprises of our country and deliver our products to our valued customers in different parts of the world without compromising our principles. In the meantime, we will continue to create educational opportunities for children, the guarantee of our future; maintain our sensitivity to social issues, and build new plants to serve the society.

I proudly follow the achievements of the esteemed executives and valued employees of Kibar Holding and group companies and firmly believe that they will maintain and improve their success in the future. I am extremely glad to be a part of this large family, members of which support each other during difficult times just like members of a family, feel hopeful about the future, and love to work for what they believe in. I would like to express my gratitude to our valued colleagues, business partners, and stakeholders who have accompanied us on this long-term journey of nearly fifty years, for their contributions and the value they create.


Asım Kibar
Founder and Honorary President
Kibar Holding