Message from the Founder and Honorary President

Thanks to the shift to a free market economy starting from the 1950s, as well as incentives for trade, our trade volume has been expanding by the day. At an office in Karaköy, we worked with all our strength day and night, along with my colleagues whom I see as my children, brothers and sisters, whose greatest capital is their ambition and determination to succeed. As a result, the reward for our hard work was growth and development.

As we grew, we became unstoppable. We began forming trade connections with different sectors, different cities and even different countries. Currently, we are operating as both customer and supplier in many countries. We have formed strong and stable partnerships with prominent global firms. This has made me, a man who sees his business as his child and feels like a proud father that witnesses every moment since its birth, so incredibly honored.

This uphill journey that we embarked upon many years ago still continues today in different sectors with several more employees and stakeholders. Ever since the beginning of my career, I’ve always placed emphasis on one thing in particular: being honest and reliable. Everything else can be recovered, but if one makes concessions on these two principles for momentary gain, it’s inevitable to experience unrecoverable losses. Our main trademark is our unyielding advocacy of these principles.

In the course of our past business endeavors, we have improved our administrative skills and experienced many incidents regarding the use of business acumen. They have all guided us through many tedious phases while establishing our business, which is now a holding. You cannot grow without first being small, and you cannot enjoy success without experiencing difficulties. As a small company that aimed to grow big, we began building our future many years ago.

Of course, we experienced difficult times. However, we overcame them together. It is inevitable for a company to resort to saving, using resources efficiently, reducing the costs etc. during these hard times. On top of that, we have also always been accessible under all conditions. We maintained close relationships with all our stakeholders instead of dealing with them through mediators because each one of our stakeholders was equally valuable for us, regardless of business volume.

The difficult times that we faced 46 years ago at Aslan Han have always shed light on our journey full of hope, determination, and team spirit. As one of the prominent organizations in Turkey today with 22 companies and over 7,500 employees, Kibar Holding will continue generating added value without making concessions on the same principles.

In line with our approach to social responsibility, we will continue serving society by giving back what we receive.

For many years, I’ve been the captain of this ship. However, being a captain has no true meaning without a ship, a crew, and seas to cross. I’d like to thank my dear family, our precious employees whom I see as part of my family, our partners, and our social stakeholders for standing with us through difficult times and overcoming such challenges with us, for contributing to our success and all our values.

With my kindest regards,

Asım Kibar