Message from the CEO

Distinguished shareholders, esteemed business partners and stakeholders, dear colleagues,

As Kibar Group, we are preparing to celebrate our 48th anniversary. Today, we represent our country all around the world under the guidance of our values; achieve all the challenging goals with our strong and innovative production approach, our valued employees, and our slogan “WE ARE Stronger Together;” and crown our efforts with successful results.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which shook the whole world to the core, has overshadowed the year 2020. We continued our operations in order to ensure sustainability in production and employment during the COVID-19 outbreak, which broke out in China in early 2020, spread rapidly to almost the entire world, and had a major impact on all vital fields, especially the economy.

We supported the nationwide fight against the virus and stood in solidarity with official organizations and institutions and healthcare professionals. When carrying out our current operations, our priority has always been the health and safety of our employees. We fulfilled our responsibilities towards our employees and our country by following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and taking additional measures.

During the pandemic, we did not experience any failure in work processes, except for logistical slowdowns during the period when the borders were closed. We achieved this thanks to our flexible and agile structure and strong risk management.

As Kibar Group, while continuing to contribute to the national economy thanks to our unique management structure, readiness for crises, and financial strength, we also created an ecosystem enabling our business partners and stakeholders to meet their needs related to supply chain and digital infrastructure quickly.

The pandemic has helped us rebuild our business operations quickly and accelerate digitalization processes. Since we followed our principles of reliability, honesty, diligence, and innovativeness, we did not have any difficulty in finding our way during these difficult times for the whole world. We will continue to work with the same strength and determination in 2021. Now, we will take a look at our companies one by one:

As one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive supplier industry, Assan Hanil has recently been given the “Most Successful Supplier” award by the Automotive Manufacturers Association. Serving the automotive industry, which is of great importance for the global and national economy, with its successful activities, Assan Hanil continues to develop technologies at its new plant built in Aksaray last March. As Assan Hanil continues to grow regularly, new plants will also be considered in line with future needs.

As a key player in the global aluminum industry, Assan Alüminyum goes from strength to strength with its exports to more than 70 countries on 4 continents; implements projects worthy of pride in the field of sustainability, one of the main priorities of our Group; and contributes greatly to our aim of leaving a more livable world.

As Turkey’s greatest ketchup manufacturer, Assan Foods exports to China, the homeland of sauces, and aims to increase its sales by 100% with its new flavors.

Developing innovative products needed by the building sector, Assan Panel both implements large-scale projects abroad and strengthens its position in the domestic market.

We firmly believe that we will maintain our success in 2021 with our large family of 5000 people, our hundreds of esteemed business partners all around the world, and our valued stakeholders.

As Cicero said, “While there's life, there's hope!” Both our world and we have survived many economic and social crises so far. We will overcome any future crisis by joining hands and continue to produce, grow, and share through cooperation and solidarity.


Haluk Kayabaşı
Kibar Holding