Message from the CEO

Dear stakeholders, business partners, and colleagues,

We have left behind nearly half a century in our industrial journey, which started in 1972 and has continued today. Honesty, diligence, and reliability have been the values that have brought Kibar Holding to this day. These values have led us to success in almost every area we operate and lit the way for us.

We continue to work with the same belief and determination to accomplish new achievements and to carry out works that will benefit our country. In parallel with the developments in the world, we continuously improve ourselves and make investments for innovation. We aim to maximize our product quality and productivity by increasing our technology and infrastructure investments because the world is changing rapidly and being a part of this change is a must today. In order to compete in the globalizing world, we need to complete our technological transformation and invest in infrastructure and human resources. In this context, we carry out various studies with all our group companies and continue our activities with the vision of becoming a global player in the fields in which we operate.

We make long-term plans and do not act based on momentary developments. We see that the economic fluctuation experienced in our country last year has been replaced by a more balanced exchange rate and market today. During this process, we did not cease our activities, on the contrary, we continued to carry out our investments. We have witnessed that the supportive policies adopted by the economy administration have restored the confidence and balance in the markets. We believe that this economic atmosphere will continue in 2019 and thus we have been making all our plans in line with this vision.

This year will be a year full of developments both at home and abroad, all of which make us very excited. Assan Hanil, one of the main parts suppliers of the automotive sector, plans to establish a new facility in Aksaray and start production within this year. Assan Aluminum aims to provide domestic substitution of many products that are imported in the industry and to contribute positively to the foreign trade balance of our country. Assan Foods, the biggest ketchup, mayonnaise, and sauce producer of our country, is preparing to become more active in new markets with its R&D power and flexible structure.

In 2019, we will proceed on our way with the awareness that we are “Strong Together”, as we do every year. “Innovation” and “technological transformation”, which are part of our heritage, will continue to guide us in our corporate culture. Together with approximately 7500 members of our family and all our business partners, we will accomplish works that will benefit our country and our society and will make us proud.

Best regards,

Haluk Kayabaşı
Kibar Holding