Kibar International S.A.

Founded with the aim of supporting the imports and the exports of the Kibar Group companies, Kibar International operates in Lausanne, Switzerland, which is located at the center of Europe and is close to financial circles. As part of its mission, Kibar International carries out processes for finding the appropriate suppliers for foreign purchases, especially regarding raw material needs, and for mediating exports.

The company greatly facilitates the Group’s activities by obtaining cost-effective finance in the current fierce and competitive environment of the globalizing world economy. Working in collaboration with prominent banks and insurance firms in Europe, Kibar International eliminates significant risks by providing insurance coverage for commercial receivables and assists the companies of the group in carrying out foreign trade in accordance with international regulations and norms.


Rue du Marterey 5, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland

Phone & Fax

+41 21 313 42 81