September 2016


Kibar Holding supports the Ephesus Foundation in order to renovate the decorative mosaics at Yamaç Evler, one of the important sites at Ephesus Ancient City.

Kibar Holding signed a collaboration contract with the Ephesus Foundation, which operates with the objective of protecting the Ancient City, regarding their renovation.

The aforementioned collaboration includes cleaning, repairing, and reinforcing the decorative mosaics that have been damaged over the years at Yamaç Evler, which is one of the essential relics in the Ancient Ephesus City. In this context, Kibar Holding contributed to renovating the floor mosaic on the north side of SR 22/23, which is located inside the courtyard with columns in Yamaç Evler 2, in collaboration with the Ephesus Foundation.

The Kibar Group is currently evaluating different projects for upcoming years with the aim of protecting and unearthing our historical and cultural values.

As part of its collaborations with Ephesus Foundation, Kibar Holding aims to protect the Ancient Ephesus City, which is considered to be one of the most important cultural legacies in the world, and also support the tourism potential of Turkey. Kibar Holding plans to make contributions to Turkey in this regard in the upcoming years as well, believing that it is fundamental to look out for our cultural and historical values.