December 2016

The Kibar Holding CEO Tamer Saka gave an interview about the Group’s new investments and goals in the “Turkey’s Export Stars Exclusive Edition” of the newspaper Die Welt. Operating in the metal, automotive, flexible packaging, construction material, real estate, logistics, energy, and food sectors, the Kibar Group accelerated its investments with the purpose of becoming a global player, according to Saka. He told the newspaper that they aim to be the leader in Europe and they continue to grow and improve with an innovative mentality.

In his interview for the newspaper Die Welt, the Kibar Holding CEO Tamer Saka said that they aim to be the leader in Europe with the new investments of the Group companies. Saka informed the public about the investments and goals of Kibar Group in the “Turkey’s Export Stars Exclusive Edition” of the newspaper Die Welt, which was prepared with the support of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the Ministry of Finance and included the top exporting companies of Turkey.

Saka said that Europe is a very important market for them, especially Germany, which has been Turkey’s top destination in exports for the last half-century. He pointed out that Kibar Holding group companies, which have made valuable contributions to the country’s economy in every field they operate in, accelerated their investments with the aim of becoming a global player. He stated that they continue improving and growing with a responsible and innovative approach to management.

Saka explained that Assan Hanil, the Group company that operates in the automotive subsidiary industry, collaborated with Turkish Airlines to establish TSI Uçak Koltuk Üretim A.Ş., which manufactured the first-ever domestically designed airplane seats. The long haul economy class seat design has been completed and delivered to Airbus. Stating that they are still working on their business class seat design, Saka said, “Assan Hanil has manufactured the first functional prototype seat for the air-suspended commercial vehicle driver’s seat project at its own Research and Development Center. The project has an original design and a high export potential. Assan Hanil will begin mass production in 2017. We do not only focus on the Turkish market, but all other large manufacturers in the region.”

“We are one of the top three manufacturers of aluminum in Europe”

Stating that the Group is about to implement important investments especially in the aluminum and packaging industries, Saka said:

“Assan Alüminyum is the leader in the Turkish flat aluminum industry with an established capacity of 280,000 tons. It’s also one of the top 3 manufacturers in Europe with an aluminum foil production capacity of 80,000 tons. Planning a new investment in order to increase aluminum casting and foil capacities, our company has begun the investment for new production lines. During the first phase of the investment, two new casting lines will provide an added capacity of 36,000 tons. With new foil line investments regarding foil products with high added value, we are planning to gradually increase our production to 130,000 tons per year. At the same time, we will carry out the first modern hot rolling mill investment in Turkey. In this context, we are planning to build slab casting and hot rolling facilities for integrated high-alloy and strong flat aluminum with a capacity of 260,000 tons, which will be devoted to sectors with high added value such as the space-defense-aviation, transportation, and flexible packaging sector. We are taking firm steps towards becoming the first flat aluminum manufacturer in Turkey with a production capacity of over a quarter million tons at the end of 2016. Our company has serious investment plans in the medium and long term. For instance, in the medium term, we plan to increase our established capacity to 350,000 tons. We export to more than 70 countries, and particularly to ones in the EU. Our flexible packaging company, İspak Ambalaj, is also planning to triple its production capacity with its new facilities, for which the foundations were laid this year.”

“We are closely monitoring the purchasing and merger opportunities”

Pointing out that İspak’s new factory, which will be opened in 2017, will become one of the largest in Europe with a rapid production rate and an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons, Saka said, “İspak aims to expand its portfolio in the food and medical packaging sectors. Therefore, we closely follow purchasing and merger opportunities in the packaging sector both in Turkey and Europe. Exporting to 35 countries in four continents, İspak provides services for prominent companies all around the world.”

Stating that they also focus on exports in the food and panel industries, Saka pointed out that Assan Gıda exports to more than 30 countries in four continents whereas Assan Panel exports to 47 countries. He said:

“As the leader of the sandwich panel industry, Assan Panel expanded its product range in 2013 with a polycarbonate line investment and began production. The sandwich panel investment in Jordan, which is the first-ever investment of our Group carried out abroad, reached its full capacity in 2013. Also, as one of the essential players in the out-of-home consumption field, Assan Gıda works with large grocery store chains and multinational restaurant chains both in Turkey and abroad. Assan Gıda is the top 35th company in the world in the area of industrial tomato processing in 2015.”

Saka also stated that with an annual export volume of 1.5 million tons, Kibar Dış Ticaret carries out the exports of both public and private enterprises that are prominent in Turkey, as well as importing raw material for them. Moreover, they carry out trade of high tonnage between foreign countries and third countries. Saka said that thanks to their worldwide touch points and foreign trade know-how, they are among the top 10 exporters in Turkey.