October 2016

Placing great importance on human resources and aiming to constantly improve in this matter, Kibar Holding is organizing a Sports Festival for the Group employees that includes football, athletics, table tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

Considering human resources to be its most precious treasure and supporting the improvement of its employees in any field from arts to sports, Kibar Holding is organizing a sports festival. The Sports Festival, which has brought together the different companies in the Group, has begun with football, athletics, table tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

The festival has begun with football, athletics and table tennis. The volleyball and basketball events are going to take place this week.

A total of 106 goals were scored at the football tournament, which was an action-packed event. The table tennis, on the other hand, is the event that attracts the most attention. Attended by 28 athletes in total, the winner of table tennis tournament was Ömer Öztürk, an Assan Alüminyum employee. At the athletics competitions; Mustafa Efe from Assan Alüminyum won the Men’s 200 meters, Elif Çam from IRB Sigorta won the Women’s 200 meters, and Serkan Boğaçhan from Assan Hanil won the Men’s 1,500 meters.