November 2016

Placing great importance on human resources, Kibar Holding organized a Sports Festival for the employees of the group companies. The festival came to end with lively final games, which included football, athletics, table tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

Believing that human resources is its most precious treasure and supporting the improvement of their employees in any field from arts to sports, Kibar Holding’s Sports Festival came to an end. Bringing together the different companies that operate under the umbrella of the Group, the Sports Festival included competitions in football, athletics, table tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

The Assan Alüminyum teams, which achieved successful results in many categories, won the competition in Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Volleyball, and Men’s Basketball. Ömer Öztürk from Assan Alüminyum won the table tennis tournament, which was attended by 28 athletes. At the athletics competitions, Mustafa Efe from Assan Alüminyum won the Men’s 200 meters, Elif Çam from IRB Sigorta won the Women’s 200 meters, and Serkan Boğaçhan from Assan Hanil won the Men’s 1,500 meters.

İspak Ambalaj won the football tournament, which was officiated by Volkan Bayarslan, a Süper Lig referee licensed by the Turkish Football Federation.

Emre Tilev, a sports announcer at CNN Türk, commentated on the games and presented the closing ceremony. On the final day of the Sports Festival, the senior level executives of Kibar Holding played a friendly match against each other for 10 minutes, which ended with a 2-2 draw.

Beginning his speech by thanking the athletes who competed in the events as well as the employees and their families who attended the games as spectators, the Kibar Holding CEO Tamer Saka said, “This event, which was organized for the first time among the Group companies, will become a tradition in the upcoming years. We are planning to begin the 2017 Kibar Sports Festival in May.”

During his speech at the closing ceremony, Eşber Çekiç, the Head of the Human Resources Department of Kibar Holding, said: “Sports is a concept that reinforces friendship and fraternity, sets common goals for people with team spirit, and increases the determination to win. I’d like thank all of our athletes who competed with fair play in our tournaments, as well as our executives, our fans who supported the athletes, and the Spormax team who put in a lot of effort in every step of this organization.”

Çekiç said that they are planning to turn the Kibar Sports Festival into a tradition in order to develop a corporate culture and encourage team spirit. Next year, the festival will include more sports branches.