November 2017

465 athletes from 14 companies competed in 113 events in 8 branches

Placing great importance on human resources, Kibar Holding organized the Kibar Group Sports Festival for the employees of the group companies. The festival came to end with lively final games. 465 athletes from 14 different companies competed in 113 events in 8 branches. The athletes received 61 awards and medals.

Believing that human resources is its most precious treasure and supporting the improvement of its employees in any field from arts to sports, Kibar Holding organized a sports festival. 465 athletes from 14 different companies competed in 113 events in 8 branches as part of the Kibar Group Sports Festival. In the festival, where the athletes received 61 awards and medals, the final game of the football tournament was between Assan Hanil and İspak Ambalaj, two of the companies of the Group. The final game was commentated by Bilgehan Demir, a sports announcer and journalist, and officiated by Aleks Taşçıoğlu, who still works as an Assistant Referee in the Super League. Following a 3-3 draw, the game went to a penalty shoot-out. İspak Ambalaj defeated Assan Hanil in the penalty shoot-out, becoming the champions of the football tournament.

“Success is a team sport, just like life”

As part of his speech at the Kibar Group Sports Festival, Kibar Holding CEO Tamer Saka said that it was the end of a two-month marathon and he thanked the athletes who competed in the events as well as the employees and their families who attended the games as spectators. Stating that this was the second time this organization was held following the first-ever festival last year, Tamer Saka said, “We create sustainable value in this field, just like we do in any other field. We are aware that both success and life are team sports. That’s why we never forget how valuable the energy that sports offer is for our bodies, minds and souls sports.”

“I think the best thing would be to describe the result of the events with the happiness of doing the best we can, instead of with victories and defeats,” said Tamer Saka. “Most importantly, we must never forget that the game is not over until the whistle is blown.”

Kibar Holding employees, who attended the festival with their families, enjoyed themselves with the concerts while having their meal with the delicious sauces provided by Assan Gıda, one of the companies of the Group.