October 2017

"Investments will continue"

One of the prominent industrial institutions in Turkey, Kibar Holding prepared its plans for the future as it celebrated its 45th anniversary. Operating in the metal, automotive, packaging, construction materials, real estate, logistics, energy, food, and service sectors with 22 companies, Kibar Holding will prioritize growth, investment, risk management, operational perfection, and technology in the upcoming period.

At the Kibar Holding Executive Meeting, which was organized with the motto “Stronger Together” on Kibar Holding’s 45th anniversary and moderated by the journalist Cüneyt Özdemir, the first to speak was Asım Kibar, the Founding and Honorary President of Kibar Holding. During his emotional speech, he thanked his employees who embraced the values of the holding by making sacrifices.

"Our institutionalization has been completed in every aspect"

On the other hand, Ali Kibar, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Kibar Holding, made some assessments about the group. Emphasizing that they are going through a major transformation period as the Group, Ali Kibar said, “We have completed the institutionalization process in every field and we have already begun reaping the fruits. We believe the success that we have achieved until this day is a result of our transformation and institutionalization project.” Stating that this process should be sustainable, Ali Kibar said, “We are in a period in which we need to use our resources efficiently and integrate the advantages of digitalization into our business for profitable growth. This period makes it inevitable to work with a methodology that can manage growth in a healthier way, make all tactical decisions on time, see the risks beforehand, and apply strategies more effectively.”

"Our job is to prepare our group for the future"

Making evaluations regarding 2017, the Kibar Holding CEO Dr. Tamer Saka revealed the holding’s goals for the upcoming years. Stating that they value their legacy at Kibar Holding, Dr. Tamer Saka said, “Our duty is to prepare for the future of our group. In the upcoming period, we will prioritize growth, investment, risk management, operational perfection, and technology. We will continue investing. Growth is also very important to us. In this context, we have our eyes abroad. Risk management will be the most important factor in the upcoming period regarding success and failure. We have to manage risks properly. It has always been our priority to enable our operations and increase efficiency. Last but not least, one of the essential elements in the upcoming period will be the projects that we will carry out regarding Industry 4.0 by following the latest technological trends.” Moreover, Prof. Dr. Erhan Erkut made a presentation on the topic “Corporate Entrepreneurship” at the Executive Meeting. Following the meeting, the employees who were celebrating their 25th, 30th, and 35th anniversaries with the company received their awards. The night came to an end with a live performance by Candan Erçetin.