May 2017

Celebrating its 45th year anniversary this year, Kibar Holding organized an “Acquaintance Meeting with Local Press” of the Sakarya and Kocaeli regions with the participation of the corporate communication specialists of Assan Alüminyum, İspak Ambalaj, Assan Foods and Assan Hanil, which are companies operating under the Group.

The meeting was held in the Sapanca Maja Kırkpınar Restaurant and attracted a great deal of attention of the press. Suat Özyaprak, the Corporate Communication Consultant of Kibar Holding, emphasized that the local press is one of their most important shareholders and said “Kibar Holding is a group that never stops growing. As we keep growing, we will continue to collaborate with you in order to inform the public and our shareholders. We would like to continue and improve our relationship, which has been going on in mutual understanding for many years now.” Stating that they attended the meeting with the communication and marketing specialists of Kibar Holding and five companies of the Group, Suat Özyaprak said, “We believe that our collaboration will resume more efficiently through personal meetings.”

Having attracted the intensive attention of press, the Kibar Holding Acquaintance Meeting with Local Press was attended by Suat Albayrak, the Corporate Communication Consultant of Kibar Holding, Berat Kozulu, the Corporate Communication Executive of Kibar Holding, and the corporate communication personnel from Assan Alüminyum, Assan Hanil and İspak Ambalaj