February 2017

Carrying out projects that shape the sector, Assan Panel sponsored the LİMAN (Port) exhibition which began in January at Istanbul Modern. Assan Panel carried out the coating of the boat Baştarda, a 35x7 m structure on display in the courtyard as one of the most valuable pieces in the exhibition, with transparent luminaire panel.

Assan Panel sponsored the LİMAN (Port) exhibition which began in January at Istanbul Modern. The boat Baştarda, which is one of the most valuable pieces in the exhibition, was preserved with the products of Assan Panel. Baştarda was designed as part of the “Darzanà: Two Shipyards, One Ship” project that was prepared for the Turkish Pavilion at the Venice Biennial 15th International Architecture Exhibition last year and it was built on the Haliç Shipyards. As part of the “LİMAN” exhibition, it was reinstalled for display.

Assan Panel carried out the coating of the boat Baştarda, a 35x7 m structure on display in the courtyard of Istanbul Modern, with transparent luminaire panel in order to protect it from the weather conditions.

The Assan Panel CEO Ulvi Kadakal, who stated that they develop healthy, safe and energy efficient products which are environmentally friendly, said, “Assan Panel is a reliable brand with its products and international certificates. We do not only construct green and safe buildings, we also manufacture products for spaces where people will live happily and healthily. We are excited to sponsor an art event for the first time with this exhibition. We have taken Baştarda, one of the valuable pieces of the exhibition, under our protection; we completed its coating in order to protect it from weather conditions without taking away from its beauty. We would be glad to maintain our collaboration with Istanbul Modern in future projects.”

Having appeared in the Turkish pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennial last year, the Darzana project will be on display at Istanbul Modern as part of the Liman exhibition between January 28th and June 4th.

The "Liman" exhibition, whose theme is Istanbul’s relationship with the sea and the port, focuses on the cultural and social life that evolved around the sea and the port in Turkish art since the 19th century until today. Hosting many works of art that represent Istanbul’s history through ports, the exhibition presents Turkish maritime culture on a timeline that has been prepared with curatorial research on social history and visual arts. Summarizing Istanbul’s history through posts from archeological works in the Theodosius Port till today, this timeline refers to certain transformations and breaking points regarding the city’s relationship with the sea and the port.

The first and only company with the Greenguard Gold and LPCB certificates

The leading company in the panel industry in Turkey, Assan Panel has been manufacturing roof and façade panels and deck sheets for 26 years as the most popular sandwich panel brand.

Having obtained international and high-quality security certifications, Assan Panel achieved the same success that it had in the Turkish market in the global market, exporting 25% of its production. Guiding the sector with its vision of quality, Assan Panel officially established its understanding of quality by obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2016, which includes processes such as manufacturing, sales, and after-sale services. In addition to the UL Greenguard Gold certificate that complies with the use of green buildings, Assen Panel has the most extensive certifications regarding fire resistance from FM Global and LPCB, which are the most competent institutions in their area. Taking pride in becoming the first company in the panel industry with the UL Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certificates, Assan Panel can guarantee their compliance with the chemical emission criteria and assure that their products for indoor use create much healthier spaces. Assan Panel maintains its position as an internationally-acclaimed reliable brand thanks to these certificates obtained by independent and prestigious institutions.

Constructing sustainable, green buildings

In addition to the three factories and four production lines in Tuzla, İskenderun and Balıkesir, Assan Panel has a production facility in Jordan and a total sandwich panel production capacity of 18 million m2 per year. The company also added polycarbonate luminaires to its product range three years ago.

Working with high security standards and an environmentally conscious production mentality, Assan Panel contributes to the construction of safe buildings with its polyurethane-filled panels, PIR (Polyisocyanurate) that provides fire safety, and Rockwool-filled sandwich panel products.