September 2017

As part of the “Vice Chairman’s Trip,” the American Turkish Council (ATC) took the executives of Turkish companies to the United States for the first time, including Akkök Holding, Assan Alüminyum, Kibar Holding, Doruk Otomasyon, Stenkim Kimya, and Temsa. Led by Dr. Tamer Saka, the Midwest trip included the states Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. During the trip, Turkish businessmen had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the business opportunities in the United States.

Having organized annual conferences in Washington attended by political figures and businessmen from Turkey and America for the last 36 years, and having brought American companies to Turkey as part of the “Chairman’s Trip” in the past, the American Turkish Council (ATC) took Turkish companies to the US for a change as part of the “Vice Chairman’s Trip.” The committee of Turkish businessmen, which included the executives of Akkök Holding, Assan Alüminyum, Kibar Holding, Doruk Otomasyon, Stenkim Kimya and Temsa, visited the states of Missouri, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois between September 5th-8th, 2017, led by Dr. Tamer Saka, the Vice Chairman of ATC. The program, which was a huge success because it gave the participants a chance to observe and evaluate business opportunities in America, will be organized again in early November.

Sharing the details regarding the trip, Dr. Tamer Saka said that they held meetings with the governors of two states, government executives, executives of the economic development units of the state, research and development centers of universities, and companies that are in partnership with Turkey. Dr. Tamer Saka stated that during the trip, they took advantage of the opportunities to increase trade and the investments between Turkey and the US.

The Governors of Missouri and Indiana were invited to Turkey

Expressing that meetings were held with Governor Eric Greitens in Missouri on the first day of the program and with Governor Eric J. Holcomb in Indiana on the second, Dr. Tamer Saka stated that the topic of the meetings was the activity of Turkish companies in the American market as well as planned investments for the future. Dr. Saka highlighted that the governors and the authorized personnel on the development of the economic relations of the states informed the participants about the business environment. He said, “We invited the governors of Missouri and Indiana to Turkey during our trip.”

Dr. Tamer Saka said that they held business meeting with companies in every state, and added that they visited institutions and companies such as the Cortex Innovation Center, Purdue University Research Center, Next Energy Research Center, Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow and Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing, Boeing, and Heritage Group as part of the program.

Expressing that they had a very productive program for the participating companies regarding the evaluation and the observation of the business opportunities in the US, Dr. Tamer Saka said, “In order to continue this program, we will organize a trip to Washington in early November that will include meetings with the Congress and Senate representatives of these states as well as institutions related to Turkey.”