Kibar Dış Ticaret Received the Metallic Star of Exports Award from IDDMIB

May 2019

Kibar Dış Ticaret, the foreign trade company of Kibar Group which is one of the leading industrial groups of Turkey, was granted the “Metallic Star of Exports” award with the export of Assan Alüminyum products in the category of ‘Aluminum Product Class’ at the ceremony organized by IDDMIB.

Kibar Dış Ticaret was granted the “Metallic Star of Exports Award” in the category of ‘Aluminum Product Class’ at the event in which Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (IDDMIB) rewards its star members of exports. This year, 64 successful exporters were awarded in 21 different categories at the ceremony, which was hosted by IDDMIB Chairman Tahsin Öztiryaki with the participation of Deputy Undersecretary of Customs and Trade Ministry Rıza Tuna Turagay. General Manager of Assan Alüminyum Göksal Güngör received the award on behalf of Kibar Dış Ticaret which has been at the top of “Top 1000 Exporters” list for many years.

Assan Alüminyum's export rate has reached 80 percent

Expressing that Kibar Dış Ticaret, which was established 35 years ago, has always played a leading role in the foreign trade initiatives in our country, Assan Alüminyum General Manager Göksal Güngör stated that the “Metallic Stars of Exports” award was received thanks to the successful export activities of Assan Alüminyum. Stating that Assan Alüminyum exports to more than 70 countries in four continents, mainly Germany, France, England, Netherlands, and North America via Kibar Dış Ticaret, Güngör said they exported 75 percent of the sales and this number has reached 80 percent as of the last quarter of 2018.

2019 target is 295K tons

Stating that they successfully completed the last year with a delivery amount of 275 thousand tons in line with their targets, Güngör said, “We raised the bar for 2019 and set our target as 295 thousand tons.” Pointing out that Assan Alüminyum is the leading company of Turkey in aluminum industry with an installed annual capacity reaching up to 300 thousand tons and one of the 3 largest aluminum foil manufacturers in Europe with an aluminum foil production capacity reaching up to 100 thousand tons, Güngör said, “We are considering various investment opportunities in line with our strategy of growing abroad and becoming a global brand. In this context, we plan to maintain our stable growth in North America. Meanwhile, we continue to carry out works that will add value to our country's economy. We aim to eliminate the external dependence in several strategic sectors and increase the positive contribution we make to the national economy with our hot rolling facility that we plan to take into operation.”