Kibar Holding has reached nearly 7000 children with the Painting Contest

April 2019

Kibar Holding organized the 3rd of its traditional April 23 Painting Contest in line with its vision of supporting art and encouraging children to perform art. In the contest, which was organized with “The World When I Grow Up” theme, 12 children among the children of Kibar Group employees received their awards at a ceremony held in Kibar Holding.

Awards of the April 23 Painting Contest, which has been organized for the last three years by Kibar Holding for the children of employees in the Holding and group companies with the vision of supporting art and encouraging children to perform art, were presented with a ceremony held in Kibar Holding. Children shared the happiness of receiving their awards at the ceremony organized with the participation of Kibar Holding Founder and Honorary President Asım Kibar, Kibar Holding Chairman Ali Kibar, and Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı.

Kayabaşı: “We instill the love of art to our children”

Speaking at the ceremony, Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı emphasized that the development level of countries is measured by the value given to art and artists and pointed out the importance of instilling the love of art at early ages. Reminding that they have been organizing the April 23 Painting Contest for the last three years as Kibar Holding, Kayabaşı expressed his appreciation for the children’s growing interest in the contest every year. Stating that nearly 300 paintings were sent to this year's contest and 12 of them were rewarded, Kayabaşı said, “Our jury is a bit more challenged each year to choose winners among these beautiful paintings that reflect our children's creative imagination. It is a bliss to see our children work hard for what they believe and love.”

Children painted the future world

Stating that the contest was organized with a different theme every year and the theme of this year was determined as “The World When I Grow Up”, Kayabaşı said, “In 2013, Kibar Holding signed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). While determining the theme of this year's contest, we aimed to contribute to this process and increase the awareness of our children about environmental problems. We will continue to do our best to realize the dreams of our children and to leave them a much better future.”