Kibar Holding rewards innovative ideas with Blue Drop Awards

September 2019

Kibar Holding, one of Turkey's leading industrial companies, supports the creative and innovative ideas of its employees with Blue Drop Awards. Held for the third time this year, the event has become a tradition and 12 of the 44 projects were rewarded.

Launched with the motto of "Every successful project begins with a drop of an idea and has a ripple effect," the Blue Drop Awards are organized to bring the creative and innovative ideas of Kibar Holding employees to life and share their success stories with the group companies.

“Blue Drop Awards” ceremony, where 44 projects competed, was hosted by Kibar Holding Chairman Ali Kibar and Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı with the participation of guest speaker Serdar Kuzuloğlu and group employees. In the ceremony, 12 projects were awarded.

Standout projects in 4 categories

In the Blue Drop Awards, the winning teams in 4 categories - "Those who Add Value with Productivity", "Those who Make a Difference for the Customer", "Those who Shape the Future through Innovation”, and “Those who Get Digitalized” - received their awards from the members of the Kibar Holding Executive Board.

“The Blue Drop Awards promotes the culture of learning”

Stating that the number of projects competed for the Blue Drop Awards, which was 39 in the last year’s organization, increased to 44, Şennur Kuru, Head of the Human Resources Department at Kibar Holding, added “The attention of our colleagues that we work together under the roof of Kibar Holding to this organization proves that innovative ideas need to be supported. The Blue Drop Awards support the culture of development and learning from each other within the company. We are proud of the creative projects presented in the organization.”