Kibar Volunteers have touched the lives of about 4,000 children in one year

November 2019

Kibar Group brought the social responsibility activities of its employees together under one roof with the Kibar Volunteers project. Kibar Volunteers have touched the lives of about 4,000 children in one year with their projects.

Employees of Kibar Holding and Kibar Group Companies, one of the leading industrial companies in Turkey, conduct social responsibility projects within the body of 'Kibar Volunteers' and projects in 6 different areas, which are the support for disadvantaged schools, the company's corporate social responsibility projects, volunteer projects, NGO volunteering, skills-based volunteering, and in-house volunteering, continue systematically.

As part of the support activities for disadvantaged schools, the physical needs of targeted primary schools are met with the help of the volunteers. Moreover, Kibar Volunteers are touching the lives of children with different activities such as planting saplings, children's theater, career days, meeting with children's book writers, zero waste education, and school trips. Volunteers have touched the lives of 4,000 children with the participation of approximately 200 volunteers intending to make a difference in the lives of more children in the new year.

About Kibar Volunteers

Kibar Volunteers project, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of which focus on "Education and Children", includes 600 volunteers. 200 volunteers, who participated in the events held by Kibar Volunteers that have implemented 25 volunteer projects up until now, have completed more than 1,200 hours of volunteer work. All processes have been digitalized in order to achieve a better-organized progress of the activities of Kibar Volunteers and increased interaction. In this context, all volunteer activities throughout the group were made accessible and trackable via one single platform with