Kibar Volunteers Broke New Ground on the Asian Side of Istanbul

February 2020

Bringing together its social responsibility activities under the roof of Kibar Volunteers, Kibar Group inaugurated the Library, the Chess and Brain-Training Games Workshop, and the Design and Skill Workshop in Tuzla Mimar Sinan Primary School with the participation of Kibar Holding’s CEO Haluk Kayabaşı, District Governor of Tuzla Ali Akça, District Director of National Education of Tuzla Ahmet Alireisoğlu, and Kibar Volunteers as part of its volunteering activities.

Focusing their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts on “Education and Children,” Kibar Volunteers have completed more than 1,700 hours of volunteer work with 600 volunteers as part of 25 volunteer projects.

Building a Library, a Chess and Brain-Training Games Workshop, and a Design and Skill Workshop in Tuzla Mimar Sinan Primary School, where more than 2,000 students study, Kibar Volunteers have led Mimar Sinan Primary School to become the first public school with 3 activity classes on the Asian Side of Istanbul.

Taking part in all the stages of the construction from the painting of the activity classes to the library placement, from the supply of materials to the installation of classroom tools, Kibar Volunteers have completed approximately 700 hours of volunteer work at Tuzla Mimar Sinan Primary School.

In his speech at the inauguration, Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı said, “As Kibar Holding, we have put many important buildings at the service of our society throughout our history of nearly 50 years. Last year, we implemented the Kibar Volunteers project in order to bring our social responsibility awareness and our activities in this field together under one roof. We have focused our efforts on education and children. We will develop more projects and continue to work for our children, the guarantee of our future. I hope the classrooms we are inaugurating today will be beneficial for our students studying at Tuzla Mimar Sinan Primary School, broaden their horizons, and encourage them.”

The Design and Skill Workshop, which was built in Tuzla Mimar Sinan Primary School, is among the visions for 2023 of the Ministry of National Education. The Ministry aims to build Design and Skill Workshops in all schools for the development of children in line with their interests and skills. Kibar Volunteers also carry out volunteering activities at schools in Susurluk and the Izmit Region.