Kibar Holding supports the development of its employees with the “We Have the Power Development Center”

March 2020

Kibar Holding built a center to support the learning and development processes of its human resources. The “We Have the Power Development Center” was inaugurated on Monday, March 9 with a ceremony attended by Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı.

The “We Have the Power Development Center,” which was built with the aim of contributing to the development of Kibar Holding’s human resources as part of its sustainability approach and gathering its training activities, seminars, and events under the same roof, was inaugurated. Completed in 35 days, the center has a capacity of 300 people and boasts a conference hall, 3 training halls, and 2 classrooms. Built on a land of 700 sq. meters in Kibar Holding’s Tuzla Compound, the center was inaugurated with a ceremony attended by Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı, Members of the Executive Board of Kibar Holding, and the general managers and employees of the companies.

Noting that the “We Have the Power Development Center” is highly important for Kibar Group, CEO Haluk Kayabaşı said, “As Kibar Holding, we are characterized by 5 values: trust, innovation, honesty, flexibility, and diligence. The classrooms and halls in this center, which is inaugurated today and will support the continuous development of our human resources, which we call our greatest wealth, are named after these values. We continue to invest in our future with the strength we draw from our history of nearly 50 years. I believe that these values will be passed down from generation to generation through this center and the activities that will be carried out here.”