Asım Kibar Mavi Damla (Blue Drop) Awards have found their owners for the fifth time. Innovative and Creative Ideas Have Been Awarded

October 2021

Asım Kibar Blue Drop Awards, organized by Kibar Holding with the aim to reveal and reward the innovative ideas of the employees, to share their success stories with the group companies and to support the culture of learning from one another, have found their owners. 36 innovative projects have competed in the award organization, which took place for the fifth time this year and which continues in a sustainable way.

Asım Kibar Blue Drop Awards, organized by Kibar Group, one of the prominent industry and service organizations of Turkey, with the motto "Every successful project starts with a drop of idea and spreads in waves", has once again witnessed innovative ideas in its fifth year. The award ceremony was held with the participation of the Founding and Honorary President of Kibar Holding Asım Kibar, Board Chairman of Kibar Holding Ali Kibar, Board Member of Kibar Holding Ahmet Kibar, and CEO of Kibar Holding Haluk Kayabaşı on a digital platform.

In the organization where 36 projects competed in 4 main categories, namely; Those who Add Value with Productivity, Those who Make a Difference for the Customer, Those who Shape the Future through Innovation, and Those who Get Digitalized, Assan Hanil and Assan Panel won the first prizes in 2 different categories while Assan Aluminum and Posco Assan companies were the other Group companies to be awarded.

“We hope that it will inspire all our employees”

Şennur Kuru, Kibar Holding Vice President of Human Resources, stated that they were supportive of culture of learning from one another and the sustainability of development in Kibar Group through Asım Kibar Blue Drop Awards; she added: “This year, 36 projects competed in Asım Kibar Blue Drop Awards with innovative and distinctive suggestions from our colleagues. We had the opportunity to see innovative, informative and productive projects that provided us with different points of view. Organizing Asım Kibar Blue Drop Awards for the fifth time is also a source of happiness and pride for our Group. We hope that the award-winning teams will reflect their knowledge and experience to the Group companies and inspire all our employees.”

Broad participation from both field and office employees

36 projects, chosen by the group companies, have competed in Asım Kibar Blue Drop Awards attended by both field and office employees. In the competition, which started with the pre-evaluation process between August 5-12, the projects first went through the technical evaluation in the committees consisting of the category specialists in the companies. The competition continued on with jury presentations between September 14-15, and the category winners, runners-ups and thirds were determined as a result of the evaluation of the jury team consisting of executives.