Kibar Volunteers with KAÇUV give hope to children with cancer

September 2023

Creating value for the future by carrying out all its actions in compliance with sustainability principles, Kibar Holding transparently shares its progress in its sustainability goals and its contributions to the world with the public every year. Kibar Holding’s Sustainability Report of 2022 prepared within this scope received 4 big awards in Vision Awards organized by League of American Communications Professionals (LACP), which regulates the perfection standards in communication and is one of the most prestigious platforms of the world.

While pressing on its goals regarding the “2025 Sustainability Strategy”, Kibar Holding is also extending the scope of accountability in addition to transparency in corporate sustainability. Prepared for this goal, 2022 Sustainability Report is an exemplary piece in the field.

Kibar Holding received 4 big awards in Visions Awards, which is called “The Oscars of Communication” and organized annually by LACP. Outdistancing its strong rivals, Kibar Holding came in first in the category of “Sustainability Reports” and received the Platinum Award. The Holding, who also ranked first in the category of “Online / Digital Reports”, achieved a phenomenal success by also receiving the Technical Success Award given for general perfection in the communication art and management and the Gold Award in the category of Best in House.

36 targets, 92 performance indicators

Kibar Holding and Group companies are using an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable system to leave a more liveable planet for future generations. Kibar Group continues its endeavours for sustainability to contribute to the “169 targets” which United Nations plans to have realized by 2030. The fight against climate change, transition to circular economy, contributions to environment and the society, and equality of opportunity are the first ones in these targets. Kibar is pursuing its “36 Targets” determined within the scope of 2025 Sustainability Strategy with its “92 Performance Indicators” and shares the developments with all its stakeholders. Since 2020, Kibar has allowed 80 environmental, social, and governance data to be validated by independent audits within the framework of the International Standard on Assurance Engagements and the Assurance Engagements on Greenhouse Gas Statements. Led by the CEO Haluk Kayabaşı, The Group works hard for sustainability carrying out a wide variety of tasks from the supplier sustainability program to biodiversity projects, from contributing to society in the fields of education and children with the help of Kibar Volunteers to energy efficiency projects.