Kibar Group includes all its stakeholders on its sustainability journey

April 2023

Kibar Holding, one of Türkiye’s leading industrial enterprises, took a major step in line with its 2025 Sustainability Strategy and launched the K-Star Program. Thanks to the program, which involves more than 5,000 large companies and SMEs that are suppliers and customers of Kibar Group in more than 100 countries, responsible procurement activities will be run from a single location in line with the Group’s sustainability strategy. Moreover, sustainability surveys and training programs tailored to stakeholders will expand the scope of sustainability activities.

Kibar Holding continues to implement innovative projects in line with its 2025 Sustainability Strategy. Thanks to the groundbreaking K-STAR Program, the Group’s large ecosystem consisting of more than 5,000 stakeholders from different parts of the world will also become its business partners in sustainability. The program will allow all procurement activities to be run from a single location in line with sustainability principles. Training sessions and seminars will be held for stakeholders as a result of tailored surveys.

Sustainability surveys and the monitoring mechanism

As part of the program, sustainability surveys will be designed for Kibar Holding’s large business partners and SME network in more than 100 countries to assess their capabilities and position in the relevant region, industry, and sector. The data collected will be used to develop multiphase programs with the necessary action plans and targets to support them on their sustainability journey. A monitoring mechanism will be established to plan and hold training sessions and webinars and to ensure that the targets are met. Lastly, the Group’s procurement criteria and processes will be reviewed in line with sustainability expectations and revised as necessary.

A groundbreaking program involving both world giants and SMEs

Gonca Batur, Vice President of Procurement at Kibar Holding , noted that they consider the global sustainability transformation as a milestone to be reached through business initiatives. She said, “As one of Türkiye’s leading industrial enterprises, we aimed to support our stakeholders in fulfilling their responsibilities to customers and institutions and review our purchasing policies and practices according to the criteria to be set, in line with our Group’s sustainability strategies. In this regard, we are proud to launch K-Star, Kibar Group’s Supplier Sustainability Program, to assess, guide, and monitor an ecosystem of 5,000 suppliers, including both SMEs and world giants, and to create a supplier portfolio that will ensure sustainable procurement practices.”

Batur: “We guide our stakeholders with Kibar’s Star”

Batur added, “Sustainability is now one of the building blocks of global systems. We follow our 2025 Sustainability Strategy, which we developed based on the United Nations Global Compact, in all our operations. With the K-STAR program, which is one of the major projects we have implemented in this context, we guide our stakeholders on their sustainability journey with ‘Kibar’s Star’ (K-STAR) in order to build a bright future. Thus, in line with our vision, we integrate all aspects of sustainability into our large ecosystem, instead of considering sustainability only in the context of environmental conservation or the fight against the global climate crisis.”