Asım Kibar

Born in 1933 in Kayseri, Asım Kibar began his career trading dry goods in 1951. Between the years 1964 and 1970, he worked at the Orta Anadolu Textile Factory as a Member of the Executive Board, the Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, and the Chairman of the Executive Board, respectively.

Having founded his own family company in 1970 by beginning to trade iron, Asım Kibar took up positions as the founder and the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Kibar Holding, which comprises of 24 companies today.

He founded the Erciyes University Semiha Kibar Organ Transplant and Dialysis Hospital in Kayseri and awarded an “Honorary Doctorate” at Erciyes University. He also made contributions to society by founding the Tuzla Asım Kibar Tourism Vocational High School, the Tuzla Semiha Kibar Teacherage, and the Tuzla Municipality Semiha Kibar Social Facilities.

He received the "Businessman of the Year" award from Siyaset magazine in 1997, the "Businessman of the Year" award from the National Productivity Center in 1998, the "Exclusive Award" from the Kayseri Chamber of Commerce in 1998, and the "Businessman of the Year" award from both the Rotary Club Kocaeli and Nokta magazine in 1999. In 2002, he was bestowed the "Commendatore Order of Merit of the Italian Republic". In 2016, he was given the "Turkish Business World Honorary Award" by Capital and Economist magazine.

Asım Kibar is a Member of the Disciplinary Board of the Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries, a founding member of the Community Volunteers Foundation, and a member of the Economic Research Foundation. As the former Chairman of the Executive Board of Kibar Holding, Asım Kibar has been continuing his active business career in the Kibar Group as the the Founding and Honorary President of Kibar Holding since January 10, 2014.