Message from the CEO

Distinguished Stakeholders, Esteemed Business Partners, Dear Employees,

When creating future strategies for our group, whose 45th anniversary we celebrated last year, we have always prioritized change. We have maintained growth through production, employment and efforts that reach society.

We believe that growth will continue with an increasing momentum in 2018 and we are making all our plans in line with this foresight. We observe that growth is taking place in every sector we operate in. We believe that the new supportive policies of our government will provide significant contributions to growth.

We are of the opinion that in the year 2018 and onward, regulations regarding many issues such as risk management and information security will come to the fore all over the world. For this reason, as a group, we closely monitor the transformations in the world, foresee what will take place in the next 10 years and make future plans. We contemplate in which direction the sectors in which our group operates will shift towards over the next 10 years and what we can do to adapt to such change. At the same time, we aim to maintain growth by turning international opportunities and developments in the market conditions into advantages.

As a group, we realized a major investment in the packaging sector in 2017. At the same time, we achieved a significant capacity increase in the aluminum sector. This year, we have a new investment plan for the aluminum industry. With this investment, which is of strategic importance also for our country, we will lead the way in the Turkish aircraft, defense and automotive industries.

Moreover, in the upcoming period, we aim to make maximum contribution to the industry, trade and export policies of the sectors in which we operate. Additionally, we will continue with our transformation into Industry 4.0. We will continue to invest in value-added areas.

Furthermore, we will carry out significant activities in exports in 2018. We would like to add to the achievements of our group in the international arena by accelerating our exports through the value-added products we produce in Turkey.

"Innovation" and "technological transformation", which are part of our historical past, will continue to be effective in our corporate culture and will continue to guide us. Together with our affiliates, we will carry out successful projects and will take firm steps forward on the way to becoming a global player.

Best regards,

Haluk Kayabaşı
Kibar Holding