November 2016

Ali Kibar, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Kibar Holding, shared the story of his business career staring from his childhood till today on the show "İşte Yaşam" created by Melda Yücel on NTV. He stated that the companies of the group are continuing to invest with the goal of global leadership in various sectors such as the aluminum, automotive, real estate, and energy sector.

Ali Kibar, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Kibar Holding, told the story of his business career starting from his childhood till today on the show "İşte Yaşam" created by Melda Yücel on NTV. Having received the torch in 2014 from Asım Kibar, one of the most prominent industrialists in Turkey, Ali Kibar said that he was introduced to professional life at an early age.

“I learned honesty from my father as well as the importance of closely monitoring business”

Ali Kibar listed honesty, loyalty, business monitoring, and error minimizing as the fundamental teachings that he received from his father Asım Kibar, who still leads the Group with the title of Honorary President. Stating that he raises his own kids with the same mentality, Kibar said, “My son and my daughter were raised with the necessities of the modern age. They both received a good education. After completing his education in the US, my son now works at our group companies, working with me and his grandfather in the strategy field. My daughter is a national equestrian. She has been involved in the sport for a very long time. Equitation is a sport that requires discipline and training for 5-6 hours per day. She won the Women’s Balkan Championship last month. Every once in a while, she also shows interest in our work. I believe the next generation of the family will also find themselves a place in the system.”

“I read the first editions of the night paper”

Stating that he has had an active career for the past 30 years and he is accustomed to starting the day early as a result of working with the Far East, Kibar said that he follows current events very closely. He said that he listens to the news every day during his commute in order to start the day with new opinions and that he reads the first editions of a couple of newspapers every night before going to sleep.

He has the Korean Order of Civil Merit.

Acting as the Honorary Consulate for South Korea for the past 20 years, Kibar also has the Korean Order of Civil Merit.

Pointing out that the Group has many international partnerships in different sectors for many years, Ali Kibar said, “When we take a look at international agreements, we see that all partnerships between institutions are based on compromise. The partnership culture is very different; it means sharing, developing mutual benefits, and tolerating.”

“We are a close-knit family”

Stating that his principle has always been trying to learn from his mistakes, not repeating them, and guiding his colleagues in light of the lessons that he derived from them; Kibar expressed how much he cares about being a team with these words:

“We are trying to develop a flexible and fast decision making mechanism. In addition to that, we are a family, a very strong team with our employees. From our security personnel who stand outside the door to our senior management, we are all links on the same chain. We need to consider this as system management.”

Investments are continuing non-stop

Managing an institution that is worth 23 billion liras with industries such as aluminum, automotive, real estate and energy, Ali Kibar expressed that they have been continuing their investments with the purpose of becoming a global leader as a Group, which has 7,500 employees.

Highlighting that Assan Alüminyum is one of the top four manufacturers in Europe, Kibar pointed out that 70% of the aluminum that is manufactured in Kocaeli Dilovası is exported to over 70 countries, notably the EU states. He said that their goal is to become the leader in Europe and that they are continuing investments in İspak Esnek Ambalaj, Assan Gıda and other Group companies in addition to the aluminum sector. Expressing that all factories are working in full capacity, Kibar said that this is very good news for our country’s economy.