August 2016

Organized in order to bring out the professional tendencies of high school students, “Kibar Future Camp” has proven to be a success. Carried out with the collaboration of Kibar Holding and TEV İnanç Türkeş Private High School (TEVİTÖL), this summer camp’s purpose is to help students discover themselves and their professional tendencies. Organized for the children of Kibar Group employees who are in their high school years, the students have the opportunity to be included in programs that will support their academic career and gain extra experience through different activities with the help of psychological counselors.

The first phase of the camp was attended by 40 students, who attended a total of 28-hour-long guidance training in 7 days with 4 instructors. Many activities, such as drama, sculpture, yoga and climbing were carried out at the campus, which gave the students the opportunity to get some alone time with the sea and the forest. Different arts and sports events were organized in order to support the development of the kids, such as strategy games, football, and volleyball tournaments, and short film workshops, which all require teamwork.

Having had the opportunity to view interviews of people from popular occupations, the children learned about 30 career fields in detail with this activity.

They also had the opportunity to listen to Yiğit Tekşen’s advice, who was the first Turkish national to climb the Pamir Mountains by pursuing his real passion in life.

By providing their employees with this opportunity for the past two years, Kibar Holding has helped 65 students shape their dreams with TEVİTÖL.

Eşber Çekiç, the Head of the Human Resources Department of Kibar Holding, stated that in this exemplary camp, they do not only help children discover their occupational tendencies but also they raise awareness through educational activities. Çekiç said, “Children are the future of our country. At the Group, we value people and try to demonstrate this in every area, supporting these kinds of projects regarding education. We are planning to increase the number of participants next year.”