November 2016

Eşber Çekiç, the Head of the Human Resources Department of Kibar Holding, received the award "The Most Influential HR Leader in Turkey".

The results of the “Top 50 Most Influential Human Resources Directors” research, which was carried out among the human resources directors of 1,000 prominent companies of the country, were announced on November 15th at the CHRO Summit in Istanbul. Following the summit, 50 HR Directors who work in prominent holdings and companies of Turkey received their awards at the award ceremony.

The “Top 50 Most Influential Human Resources Directors” research, which was carried out with the partnership of Fortune Turkey and DataExpert in order to draw attention to the increasing value of the human resources function at companies and to emphasize the importance of the CHRO concept. The Jury comprised of Cüneyt Başaran, the Chief Editor of Bloomberg HT; Cüneyt Toros, the Editor of Fortune Turkey; Emre Konuk, the Founding President of Institute of Behavioral Sciences; Prof. Dr. Canan Sümer, a faculty member at METU; M. Yasin Altunkaya and Nuran Durmaz, DataExpert Managing Partners; and Serra Hotoğlu, the General Coordinator of Yenibiriş. Together, they selected the “Top 50 Most Influential Human Resources Directors” who effectively manage human resources, which is the most important capital of companies, who make a difference in accordance with the priorities of the institution, add value, and implement unique human resources practices.

In his speech, Çekiç said, “I’d like to congratulate Fortune Turkey and DataExpert for making this summit happen in order to have discussions and share knowledge about HR. I thank everyone involved in the research on behalf of myself and my group. Their studies and research on HR play a huge role in increasing the quality of HR and management in our country, thus helping the companies take a step forward with a visionary mentality.”

“It’s going to be even harder to hire talented people in the future”

At the CHRO Summit 2016, which was attended by many distinguished guests from the business world, the current and the future situation of the CHRO function was discussed.

Çekiç gave a speech at the panel “A New Era in Talent Wars: Talent Acquisition and Management, Establishing Engagement and Talent Improvement” and said, “I believe it’s going to be even harder in the future to attract talented people and ensure they stay in the company by creating value.” He stated, as a result, that the HR executives of companies need to come up with new strategies and he shared the practices that they implemented at Kibar Holding:

“We carried out a survey to figure out the perception regarding Kibar Holding. We found out that we are not recognized among the youth. Young people care about an innovative working environment, the opportunity to improve themselves, and working internationally. So, we focused on these. We increased our presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. In 2 years, we increased the amount of our followers by 2.5 times and the amount of followers who want to work with us by 5 times. With our long term internship program K-Team, we offer a one-year improvement program for university students in which they can obtain a real job experience. The main purpose here is to discover new talents while contributing to the development of the youth. The students who successfully complete the program may find a job opportunity at our Group depending on our needs.”

Emphasizing that the Kibar Group has a very young team, Çekiç said that they aim to hire the best human resources, make them stay in the company willingly, improve their talents and provide the customers and the employees with the best service at Kibar Holding, which has a solid human resources process.