December 2016

As one of the prominent industrialists and businessmen of Turkey, Asım Kibar has received the Business World Honorary Award. Receiving his award from Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı, the Chairwoman of the Executive Board of Doğan Holding, at the ceremony of "Top 500 Largest Private Companies of Turkey Study" which was carried out by Capital Magazine with the participation of the leading companies of the business world, Kibar said, “Turkey is a country with a large growth potential. These troubles will be over soon and we will become one of the developed countries of the world.”

Asım Kibar, the Founding and Honorary President of Kibar Holding, received the Turkish Business World Honorary Award at a ceremony in which the most successful companies of Turkey were awarded by the magazines Capital and Ekonomist. Asım Kibar, one of the prominent industrialists and businessmen of Turkey, has received the award from Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı, the Chairwoman of the Executive Board of Doğan Holding.

Kibar began his speech by expressing his sorrow regarding the painful attack in Istanbul last weekend. He gave his condolences to the families of the victims and said, “I hope these terror attacks that our country has been facing lately will come to an end as soon as possible. I believe that we will get through these days with solidarity.”

“Trust is the most important element of business life”

Kibar thanked the magazines Capital and Ekonomist, which have been measuring the pulse of the business world in Turkey for years, for the award. He stated that trust is the most valuable element in order to achieve success in professional life and that his management principle is establishing trust above anything else. He said:

“You can’t get satisfying results from an unhappy bunch. Thanks to the environment of trust that we have established in the teams that I manage, we improved the facilities and became a very popular brand. I’d like to thank all my colleagues and business partners for trusting us and working with us. In my professional life, the thing that I care most about is seeing my colleagues as my family. I’m accepting this award on behalf of them and my dear wife Semiha, who raised 3 wonderful kids.”

“My goal has always been creating value for our country”

Emphasizing his belief in Turkey’s power, Kibar said, “It has always been our aim to add value to our country from the very beginning. Turkey has a potential to develop. These troubles will go away. Shortly, Turkey will become a developed country.”

Asım Kibar talked about the milestones in his professional life, ranging from trade to industry:

“In 1964, I was appointed as the member of the Executive Board in charge of the factory at Orta Anadolu Mensucat in Kayseri. Back then, I saw that the employees didn’t trust the senior management and the customers did not trust the products; so first of all, we established trust. You can’t get satisfying results from an unhappy bunch. After 6 years in management, we expanded the factory by 2.5 times thanks to this environment of trust, and we became a popular brand. Since I closely followed every activity during this journey, I acquired a significant amount of experience. Then, I resigned my post in the company in order to come to Istanbul and start my own business. I began working in the iron industry in Istanbul. After a while, I realized that trust is an essential element. Thanks to this trust, the business grew more than I could have ever imagined. Then, we began in 1978 with a galvanized sheet factory in order to focus on industry rather than trade. Today, we continue our operations in many sectors without compromising trust and quality. As a result of the opportunities brought about by the element of trust, we formed partnerships with international firms such as Hyundai, Hanil, Posco, MSC and Heritage.”

At the "Top 500 Largest Private Companies of Turkey Study," which was organized by Capital Magazine at Conrad Istanbul, the companies that stand out with their high performance were rewarded. In this study, which was carried out for the 19th time this year, Turkey’s largest companies were evaluated according to their financial turnover, profitability, exports and employment. 24 companies were awarded in a total of 8 categories.