January 2018

Tamer Saka, the CEO of Kibar Holding, attended Davos and shared his impressions. Pointing out that there is an accustomed and accepted approach towards Turkey, Tamer Saka said, “The interest in our country is still alive. I can foresee that Turkey can attract more investments in 2018. Interest in Turkey is already present and will potentially draw investors.”

Attending the Davos Summit organized by the World Economic Forum, the Kibar Holding CEO Tamer Saka made comments on the summit. Emphasizing that political concerns overshadowed economic concerns at the summit, whose theme is dissolution and polarization this year, Tamer Saka stated that it is possible to observe this both in political and economic areas. Reporting that most participants mainly had concerns regarding this issue, Tamer Saka said, “The fact that political dissolution incites economic dissolution and the concern that this might increase in the medium term comprises the current discussions.”

Turkey will be able to attract more investors in 2018

Commenting on the perception of Turkey that he observed at the summit, Tamer Saka pointed out that the negative atmosphere of last year was replaced by a more accepted Turkey. Indicating that interest in Turkey is still alive, Tamer Saka said, “As a result of the meetings we held with different countries, I can say that there’s still an interest to invest in Turkey. Obviously, our country is facing problems due to its geopolitical position. This issue is also addressed here. However, despite everything, I can see that Turkey is going towards a path that will attract more investors in 2018. There are signals that indicate this.”

Furthermore, Tamer Saka emphasized that being close to resolving the main problems on the Syria front increases interest in Turkey. Tamer Saka said, “Interest in Turkey is already present and will potentially draw investors. As we get back on track, I believe that a trend towards investing in Turkey will be on the rise.”