Gender Equality Efforts Continue At Kibar Holding

June 2022

Support for Employees on Military Duty and Parents, and 14-Day Paternity Leave

Kibar Holding continues to implement innovative human resources practices based on gender equality. Kibar Holding extended the paternity leave from 5 days, which is the legal time of absence, to 14 days, and launched a mentoring and psychological support program for new parents, and employees joining the army for mandatory military service.

As one of Turkey’s leading industrial groups with its more than 5,000 employees, Kibar Holding has launched a new practice. Kibar Holding extended the paternity leave from 5 days, which is the legal time of absence, to 14 days in order to allow fathers to spend more time with their children in the first days of their lives and share parenting responsibilities more effectively with mothers.

Kibar Holding, which carries out many projects for women’s participation in the workforce, will provide mentoring for new and expectant parents. It will also offer a total of 12 sessions of psychological support for employees returning from leave.

As part of the WE Are Equal activities, the Group’s human resources management took action to facilitate adaptation to the world of business in challenging roles assigned to genders, and launched an internal project to support employees in passing major milestones in their lives more comfortably.

Psychological support for transition to parenthood and military service

Şennur Kuru, Vice President of Human Resources at Kibar Holding, described the new practices and said, “Our Group focuses on taking greater steps to achieve gender equality and maximizing the happiness of our colleagues. In this context, we implement many innovative projects as part of the WE Are Equal activities. Recently, we have extended paternal leave from 5 days to 14 days. We also support our colleagues in their journeys of parenthood and military service, which are major milestones in everyone’s life. As part of the program, volunteer mentors and mentees first complete the training provided. After the training, new or expectant parents attend 6 sessions of mentoring. 6 more psychological sessions are offered free of charge to our colleagues returning from maternity, paternity, and military leave. We are there for our colleagues on their journey to achieve work-life balance, as in all other difficult times.”