Kibar Group kicks off ‘WE are Equal’ era

January 2022

Kibar Group, one of the leading industrial enterprises of Turkey, has published the "WE are Equal: Gender Equality Guide" as part of its activities for the full and equal participation of men and women in life. CEO Haluk Kayabaşı stated "As Kibar Group, we believe in equality in all aspects of life and so, we take responsibility for the participation of women and men in economic and social life and carry out our activities by saying ‘WE are Equal’" at full speed.

Kibar Holding, one of the leading industrial enterprises in Turkey with its half-century history, employment, and production, continues to endeavor in accordance with the goals that it has set as a part of its 2025 sustainability strategy. The Group, which supports the participation of male and female employees in business life by paying attention to the principles of gender equality and which implements practices in this respect, has published the WE are Equal Gender Equality Guide.

As the signatory of the UN Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), Kibar Holding aims to create a common corporate language on the concepts of gender equality in the guide that it shares with all of its employees.

With the Gender Equality Guide, numerous actions are broadly implemented for all employees ranging from the use of gender-inclusive language to decision-making mechanisms, equal role distribution, projects that will serve as a model for the public, events, and training.

I am very excited about all the activities we have carried out thanks to the WE are Equal Project.”

Stating that they create projects that encourage men and women to effectively, equally, and fairly participate in both business life and decision-making processes, Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı said, “We combine our values existing since the foundation of our organization with the global requirements of today's world and integrate them into our business processes. Considering the principles of gender equality, we increased our ratio of women in senior managers by 24.9 percent in the last 5 years. The success, we have achieved among the other groups engaged in intensive production in the industrial field, set as a model.” he said.

Kayabaşı stated that they aim to increase the proportion of women senior managers to 30 percent by 2025 in order to reach the universal optimum participation rate by following the gender equality principles. He continued his words, saying "In order to expand the scope of our responsibility, we are launching a collective process with our extended family consisting of five thousand people that we consider as our ‘precious wealth’, and we say that ‘WE are Equal’. We will strengthen our corporate culture based on fair and equal opportunities to ensure gender equality in the light of the fundamental values that have made us who we are since our foundation. I am very excited about all the activities we have carried out thanks to the WE are Equal Project.”

Kibar Holding's Guide to Gender Equality