September 2016

Kibar Holding CEO Dr. Tamer Saka gave a speech at the 13th Leadership Summit, which brings together the most prominent executives and leaders of Turkey; he stated that the executives of our day, who lead giant organisms that are always in progression, need to be passionate visionaries who know how to work and lead with high motivation and never stop learning. He said, “I believe the key concepts for success are ‘lifelong learning’, ‘innovation’, ‘accountability’, and ‘transparency’.”

At the summit, which was organized at Steigenberger Hotel in Istanbul, Saka talked about the importance of strategic thinking and planning in the session “A CEO’s Guide to Successful Management.” He shared his experience and suggestions regarding building successful teams, effective delegation, good communication, and working with high motivation.

Emphasizing that strategic thinking and planning provides important competitive strength in today’s business world, Saka said, “At Kibar Group, we create our strategies with the contributions of each unit. We believe that the strategies that we come up with should not stay on paper, but become a part of our culture and corporate vision.”

Defining strategic planning as the compass of the company, Saka pointed out the importance of flexibility and quick decision-making in order to achieve success in the rocky environment of today’s business world. He said:

“Our strategy is based on acting with a global vision in our executive organization, HR policies, manufacturing mechanisms, marketing and communication attitudes. The main axis of our planning comprises of acceleration. Also, the strategies should align with practice and comply with the trends of the market and the customers as well as the realities of the economic climate. Furthermore, the technological world that we live in requires us to go through constant transformation.”

Also sharing his views on successful leadership, Saka said that leadership is based on vision and a person-oriented business mentality. He stated that since it’s easy to access information these days, what people look for in a leader now is being able to trust their values and vision. Saying “we need a company history that is based on meaningful values,” Saka stated that both the executives and the employees can achieve the company strategies through motivation, passion, excitement, and courage if the tasks are meaningful and valuable.