April 2017

Attending the 6th Strategic HR Summit as a speaker, which was organized by the HR Magazine, Eşber Çekiç, the Head of the Human Resources Department of Kibar Holding talked about the importance of employee engagement. Çekiç emphasized that it will be even harder to attract young talents to companies in the future and keep them in the company by creating value.

Attending the Strategic HR Summit as a guest speaker, which was organized by the HR Magazine for the 6th time at Istanbul Marriot Hotel Asia, Eşber Çekiç, the Head of the Human Resources Department of Kibar Holding gave a speech titles “Strategic Partner During Transformation: HR”, and evaluated the strategic role and importance of HR during the transformation process. Sharing some of the practices at Kibar Holding, which has 22 companies and over 7,500 employees, Çekiç stated that human resources executives need to come up with new strategies to attract new talent and ensure they stay.

Pointing out that the Kibar Group is a global player that exports 60% of its production, Eşber Çekiç emphasized that they need young talented professionals. In his speech, Çekiç said, “In collaboration with Sabancı University, we started the Kibar Career School in 2014 in order to train our own leaders as Kibar Holding. 177 executives on various levels obtained their certificates from the faculties of Leadership, Improvement, and Sales at the Kibar Career School. We manage the improvement of our employees via an integrated HR system. This program provides our employees with the opportunity to monitor their monthly plans and to manage their own careers. Our goal is to encourage success and improvement and ensure everybody achieves success.”

Stating that young people care about an innovative working environment, the opportunity to improve themselves and working internationally, Çekiç said that they focused on these and increased their social presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. He explained that they now have by 2.5 times as many followers and 5 times as many followers who want to work with them. Also, talking about the long term internship program K-Team, Çekiç said, “We provide a one-year development program for university students in which they can obtain a real job experience. The students who successfully complete the program may find a job opportunity in our Group depending on our needs.”

Stating that they aim to find the most competent candidates and hire them at Kibar Holding, which has a strong and well-managed human resources process, Eşber Çekiç said they care about keeping the talents at the companies and ensuring their development while becoming a strong employer brand.